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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 15, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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and needles all day. wife's just learned the test results say they can go ahead and drop their traps probably by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. captain jim anderson knows every nuance when it comes to crab. >> see how it has more yellow and butter and see how the colors change different? >> reporter: he wants the crustations to be at the perfect point of maturity. >> if you have -- if you have a two-pound crab, you want to yield about half a hound of -- pound of meat. >> reporter: michael lucas is overseeing the crabs' tests today. this morning crab was trucked in from three test points,
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bodega bay, half moon bay and san francisco bay. it was picked, pulled apart so the meat could be weighed. initially, it was thought the fishermen could make about 1.75. but if the recovery is not 75%, the price could fall. >> therethere is a lot of crab out tear. we have to make sure we don't make any mistakes and we can make a little bit of money for the work we're gonna put out. >> reporter: we've gist received the test results back. the recovery number is very good. almost 27%. fishermen are on their way to catch some crab. we say probably by 6:00 a.m. the association is trying to hold everything by that time. they know some people are gonna jump the gun. there will be fresh crab here tomorrow. the past three years have been less than stellar for crab
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fishermen. the 2007 season was delayed due to the cosco busan spill. the 2008 season pulled -- turned out poorly as did the year before. well, some major swings in the weather lately have people wonder what is next. john sasaki is live in san francisco where people are out and about. john? >> reporter: gasia, take a look. you can see people doing something unusual for this time of year. all day people have been enjoying the spring-time weather. it's november 15th. it feels more like may 15th. the sunny skies and temperatures rob locals and tourists alike. got two weeks off work. enjoying it now. >> it's like it's spring. yeah. it's perfect. perfect weather for sight
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seeing. >> reporter: here in san francisco, the warm weather was not good for everything. at the embarcadero, the seasonal ice rink was far from frozen solid but that didn't stop this couple from hawaii from lacing up and taking a spin. >> i thought it was gonna be cold. but it's absolutely beautiful right now. >> reporter: we saw more people hitting the beach than hitting the ice. this woman took her son in the sand. >> we're just getting our beach days in before the winter comes. >> reporter: at uc berkeley, the campus is buzzing from excitement with the big game from stanford, students are caught offguard with the temperatures. >> normally, we hope for 60s. right now, i had to pull down my summer clothes. i already put them away.
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>> it's beautiful outside. surprising. but it's nice. >> reporter: all of this comes with thanksgiving just ten days addai. the nice weather should last a couple more days but big changes are on the way. live in san francisco, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> so bill, i heard a lot of people saying today can you believe this weather? is this unusual for november? >> temperatures are above average for today. it's not unusual to have a situation where you get the offshore winds, which we've seen and the high temperatures, even some records. we saw a record up in santa rosa today. no, it's not unusual. we get this a couple of times. the winds were up fairfield this morning. i tell you what, the winds were blowing all weekend. that's a northeast wind. that's why it was so hot and warm. these were the highs recorded today. santa rosa probably broke a record. i don't have the official on it. santa rosa probably broke a record. san francisco tied a record. you see how warm it is. these are above-average temperatures. this time of year we get this
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kind of weather. we've had some rain. if we didn't have rain, the -- we would be looking at red flag warning. fortunately, we've had rain and the fuel moistures are high. when we come back, i will tell you what's coming up. it's not warm. i will tell you that. [ laughter ] >> thank you, bill. for more on this warm weather we're enjoying and to find out what the weather is like in your neighborhood, go to a preliminary hearing started today for seven suspects accused of gang-raping a 16-year-old girl last year outside of a richmond homecoming dance. the purpose of the hear something to determine if there is enough evidence to put the suspects on trial. the hear is expected to last several days. rita williams was inside the courtroom today. she will have a full report, including what brought the first responding officer to tears coming up at 6:00. the man who shut down the
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bay bridge last week after claiming to have a bomb pleaded not guilty to a half-dozen felony charges. 51-year-old coverage valentino was arraigned -- kraig valentino was charged and he was ordered to stay away from his family. >> he was ordered to stay away from not only his residence but from the members of his family. he's charged with child endangerment and kidnapping. >> he's being held in lieu of $750,000 bail. san francisco police today released the name of a street performer who was arrested yesterday in fishermen's wharf after juggling a phony hand green nate. a spokesperson says keith wolf has been cited for misdemeanor potential for a prohibited weapon and blocking a sidewalk. the brom squad was called out
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yesterday afternoon and -- bomb squad was called out yesterday afternoon. it turned out that gadget was nothing but a harmless replica. investigators say victims' upbringing may play a part in the ability to be taken advantage of. paul chambers has more. >> reporter: we're live here in healdsburg. we're outside an assisted living facility where they just wrapped you up a seminar about scammers and being taken advantage of. with the senior generation living longer, experts say it leaves them open to a lot of crimes. >> we're talking about an increasing number of scams. we're talking about everything from physical abuse to neglect, everything that goes in between. >> only one out of 14 of these cases of elder abuse get reported to adult protective services. >> which means often sometimes crimes against seniors go unreported. >> two years ago, the sonoma
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county district attorney's office started the task force to protect elders. >> they will call up and say, sir, you've just won the lottery, or you've just won some award. please give us your social security number and credit card. i don't understand how -- how it has to get that way. >> you down -- you understand what i mean? >> reporter: this man was at the conference and has been lucky enough to not be affected by the scams. >> people who were born before 1950, were raised to be cure tee just, to be polite. to be -- courteous, to be polite. they are gonna have a hard time being rude, hanging up on people. >> we've seen life savings taken away from seniors, their
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nest egg. we've seen con artists portray themselves as financial planners and promise everything under the sun. >> reporter: course, you should never give out unless over the phone. if you are a senior who is a victim or you know a senior who is a victim, call police. state officials have cleared the way for selling two dozen state-owned buildings in an effort to raise money. the civic center building and the public utilities buildings are the ones that will be going on the market. it's expected to bring in 1.2 million. a report by the legislative analysts offices is predicted that leasing without owning would cost taxpayers 1.4 billion over the next 35 years. it appears that apartment rent in san francisco are going
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up. a research firm says rents are head -- are headed back to what they were in 2008. experts say that rents are up because of the fifth crisis and an unpredictable job market. after a day of gains, the stocks ended the day mixed. [ closing bell ] >> stocks were up for most of the day. analysts say investors are a little jittery as they awake several economic reports. here is a look at the closing numbers. the dow about 9.03. the nasdaq down about the same the chp says says a ford
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explorer rear ended -- ended the vehicle. apauggie protest by -- an auggie protest by bay area -- an angry protest by truckers. ocooer feoel cort eeit t totr r
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the fire department is checking things out. we got a call saying there is an evacuation. we'll ying you updates -- bring you updates. an international conference kicked off with a twist. the aim here is to do what the state and regional level what national governments haven't been able to do. john fowler was there. he's with us now with more on the story. job? >> reporter: well, while the science may be settled what to do about it remains a hot- button issue. some see it as a money-making opportunity. at uc davis, it was 83 degrees this november 15th. ironic for a tiny group of
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deniers. this conference grew entrepreneurs, and a hollywood star. state and leaders from 20 nations gathered a year after talks failed to get an international greenhouse gas agreement. >> they claim that the green tech future is just too costly. too costly? what are we talking about here? >> schwarzenegger said fossil fuel is killing people with lung disease, destroying economies with soaring costs and threatening civilization with wars. he says regional governments can lead if nations won't. >> because of our environmental laws, california is now 40% more efficient than the nation. >> reporter: there was a process using low pressure modules and ordinary plastic pipe and the seawater itself to
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cut the cost of making water 80%. >> 80% less. over all it's 50% less cost. >> reporter: this outdoor lighting system with low light unless there's movement and low- power lamps. >> it lasts 100,000 hours and maintenance free. >> reporter: this cooling machine uses a tub of old- fashioned ice to run air conditioning with an energy advantage. >> we make ice at night. one that's cooler, cleaner and more efficient but deliver that cooling capability and shut off the power during the middle of the day. >> and that shifts 95% of the electrical demand to offpeak times. the company has 65 units on board for southern california. experts today said in one generation the cost of doing nothing outweighs the green tech investment now. an agreement is expected to be signed tomorrow two weeks before a climate summit in mexico. down fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. some truckers want the city
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of san francisco to get involved over a dispute about the construction over the transbay terminal. they drove from the project to city hall today. they say a japanese contractor is bringing in outside drivers for federal stimulus jobs and say a wage agreement is being broken. organizers say some truckers were afraid to show up this morning but are planning another protest next week. >> we had about 80, but most of them didn't want to come. they are afraid of the police towing their vehicle. some of the guys came and -- but when we come next week we're gonna try to have at least 50 trucks. >> in a statement released just morning, the transbay power authority disputed the claims. they listed several companies and said prevailing wages are being paid for all work. rolls royce is reportedly said to temporarily replace engines leaking oil on all boeing jumbo jets currently in
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service. the move comes after a frightening moment on a qantas when an oil leak caused one of the engines to catch fire. rolls royce will temporarily replace all a-380 engines, fix the leak and return the engines to the plane. qantas has grounded all of its super jets and they hope have to them -- help to have them back in service. and then today, a qantas jet returned to sydney on its way to argentina because of smoke in the cockpit. that was a different boeing than the a-380. qantas has about the best safety record in the industry. turning back to the weather, did you hear that student talking about putting all of her flip-flops and
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summer clothes away and having to get them out again? >> i did. temperatures are gonna die down and then we'll have showers. right now up in the napa and santa rosa area, those were the warm spots. in the 80s. beautiful day, too, right? great air quality and all of the colors are changing on the leaves and the grapes. these are the highs. i got a red dot there by san rafael. that was your record. the white dot, can you see that, santa rosa tied a record. san francisco tied a record. a few ties in napa and mountain view. today will be the warmest day of the week. terms come down. sunny, not as warm tomorrow. that's because the winds are shifting. i showed you the video earlier of the strong winds. the winds as we go into the next 24 hours are gonna start to tweak out of the west and that cools you off. the offshore winds is a compressional thing. you notice how warm it was last night. the air was sinking.
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when it sinks it warms. you can hear things, you hear the freeway, it changes everything. that's ending. the air is gonna go up. it's gonna go up a little bit. overnight lows tonight. low 50s, upper 40. 54 in san jose. not as cold. kind of -- to be cool toward the end of the week. so the forecast as things go in the middle end of the week is for that cooling trend. today we were up in the 80s. tomorrow we're in the 70s. maybe a couple of mid-70s. wednesday, we're in the 60s, low 70s and then further cooling into the weekend. when i come back i'm going to show you the computer model that's forecasting your rain for your bay area weekend and probably some snow in the mountains. i will see you back here. thank you, bill. authorities in sonoma county say a man was shot and killed over the weekend in a hunting accident. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon near the intersection of highway 37 and highway 121
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in sonoma. students arrived to find 4-year- old daniel downs of napa dead from a gunshot wound. according to the sheriff's department, downs been pheasant hunting with his son and his friends. there's in information about exactly who shot him. the detectives from the sheriff's department and the department of fish and game are now investigating. some cleanup work went terribly wrong in the east bay today. how somebody using a wood stripper got pulled into the machine with deadly results. if there would be no casino at point richmond, what should go there? what a new report says is the answer. [ female announcer keurig has over 200 varieties
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from 15 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew.
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[ female announcer choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. there's word tonight about a fatal accident involving a wood chipper on snowberry court. a rope being lowered somehow got caught in the chipper. the rope wrapped around the victim and there are no plans to file charges. the report on alternative uses for a site was paid for by the group that want to the develop the casino in case plans for that casino fall
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through. besides a 100,000 foot pot farm other suggestions included an office parkings mix used development or a wildlife park. a public meet something set for wednesday on that matter. researchers say they have seen a drop in smoking in one of the major metropolitan areas. scientists collected data between 1980 and 2009. in 1980, two adults reported smoking one cigarette at some point in their lives. but in 2009, that figure dropped to 42%. among men the rate of current smokers is about what it is 25 years ago. among women, it's a little more of a third of what it was in 1980. mayor gavin newsom helped break ground on two new bocce ball courts. >> the idea is to bring back
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the history of san francisco. >> the new courts are being built at just her man plaza -- built at just her man plaza -- justin herman plaza. >> there will big events, picnics, and a lot of fun associationed with it. >> mayor newsom says the courts will be free and open to anyone. the $60,000 project is being funded by one company and the union is providing the labor. that union is providing san francisco residents with free apprentice training. we have an update on the breaking news we brought you a few minutes ago. it turns out everything is okay at the hillsdale center. there was a report of a gas smell in the mall. the fire department is there checking things out.
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we did get a call from a shopper who said they are being evacuated but the late word we have right now is that pretty much everything is okay at that mall. san francisco mayor new some is speaking out about the cable car stabbing tonight. what message he's sending to tourists. plus -- >> reporter: find out how facebook is changing. >> reporter: i'm tara moriarty in san francisco where thousands of jellyfh have washed ashore mysteriously. we'll tell you why scientists believe we're here coming up.
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fake is changing things that could affect the way you send e-mail. david stevenson has more. >> reporter: gasia, facebook has about 500 billion worldwide. today only a small portion of them got to test out a new messaging feature. san francisco deejay and professional, sam arroyo says, says it's embarrassing howl time he spends networking -- how much time he spends networking. >> it's on my phone. it's on my laptop. >> reporter: the ceo says the program will make electronic communication easier across multiple platforms. user with a special e-mail address can send and receive messages from
5:31 pm
friend via text message, chat services or non-facebook e- mail. >> if they don't want it on e- mail or they want it on chat or i.m., that should work just fine. and it does with this new feature. >> they are thinking why should i use a separate g mail address. this is not just a social network anymore. >> reporter: the program offers a social inbox to prioritize messages, similar to a feature on google's system. >> all of your features are in one area. so they will have the ability to look back on years of conversations with both friends. >> reporter: this raises the new privacy issues facebook has
5:32 pm
struggled to overcome. >> because so much is stored in one place. it goes back to, do you trust facebook with that information? >> reporter: sam says he's intrigued by the program but he's taking a wait and see approach. i have a lot of concerns with the privacy issues. >> reporter: facebook messages is set to roll out over the coming months. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. bay area-based apple says it plans to make a big announcement tomorrow about itunes. the company is saying quiet and industry experts are launching a program to allow users to access their material anywhere. apple are make the announcement at 7:00 tomorrow. a cable car conductor remains hospitalized with life- threatening injuries after we
5:33 pm
being stabbed. it -- after being stabbed yesterday afternoon. police arrests george wong. three other people were cited and released on charges they delayed officers. there were no passengers on board. mayor newsom says cable cars are safe in spite of the attack. >> this is not the cable car during the turnaround with 100 people on the cable car and someone jumped on and attacked. quite the contrary. it's an isolated incident and it's being investigated. >> police say they don't believe the suspect knew the conductor. more than 10,000 jellyfish appeared on the beach after high tide on saturday. scientists may know why it happened. >> reporter: it was a typical saturday night sunset. >> i don't know whether to be concerned or not. >> reporter: ocean beach looked
5:34 pm
anything but normal. >> to me it looks like a mystery. why are they here? what happened to them? >> reporter: more than 10,000 jellyfish washed ashore friday night concentrated between the san francisco zoo and lincoln way. >> if there's something in the water, it's the warm water. >> it almost looked like puddles were on -- like the sand had puddles. it was shiny. >> did you step on one? >> i'm sure i did. >> reporter: by early this morning, most of the creatures were gone. as you can see this moon jellyfish is about the size of a dinner plate. >> we don't know for sure what the mortality will be. it's a national event and we
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let it take its course. >> reporter: and that it did. most of the fish went back to where they came from. back to you. it's transition time for congress. current members are back for their election break for a lame- duck session and newly-inducted members arrived for orientation. the lame-duck session will attempt to take up on the don't ask/don't tell and the bush era tax cuts. comments by afghanistan's president have reportedly angered the american troops there. hamid karzai said he wants nato to stop nighttime raids on taliban stronghold.
5:36 pm
david petraeus expressed astonishment adding they seriously undermine the war effort. hillary clinton defended these operations. >> these operations are conducted in full partnership with the government of afghanistan. they include afghan forces on each operation. there is no question that they are having a significant impact on the insurgent leadership and the networks that they operate. >> reporter: the afghan government is trying to downplay the controversy saying president karzai has full confidence in general petraeus. an unusual small claims case involving an escargot that apparently exploded at a bay area restaurant. and walmart is social networking. find out what service it's using to sell its black friday sales. >> you may have received one. a county ordinance. not a traffic ticket. it means you pay less but tonight those tickets are going away. why and who is behind it.
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a long time birthday store plans to remain open through the holidays. mr. mop was in danger of shutting down when the owner couldn't find anyone to take over the business. now new owners have been found. they say they have a long history with the store. they say they will be closing briefly for a couple of weeks in january for some needed
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renovations. the santa cruz police department is increasing private security patrols in the downtown shopping district during the holidays. starting the day after thanksgiving, guards will be extending their hours through 8:00 p.m. every day. the guards are not sworn officers but they can handle problems and report them to police when it happens. the extra patrols will run through december 24th. walmart is using facebook to advertise its black friday sale. the retail posted the information after it was leaked. walmart plans to be on thanksgiving and until midnight on black friday with deeply discounted items. some kmart and sears store will be open on thanksgiving. there's word of a small claims case from two men who say they were injured by exploding escargot. the men filed the lawsuit after being turned down by the
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restaurant's insurance company. the men claim they were hurt and embarrassed by the alleged incident, which was the hot butter squirting at them. a study says people who smoke marijuana early do worse on brain tests than those who smoke later. they found those who started smoking before age 16, made twice as many mistakes than those who started smoking after that age. another study out of massachusetts looked at job stress in women. researchers found 17,000 female health workers and followed them. they found that women who reported feeling little control over interest work or who worried about losing their job were significantly more likely to have bypass surgery. previous studies found similar results in men. up next, if you are gonna get a traffic ticket, this was
5:42 pm
the one to get. but not anymore. why these tickets are being eliminated. that's tonight's special report. when i come back we're gonna take a look at the latest computer model. it shows a cool down.
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for some time, there's been exploitation about tickets
5:45 pm
written and not being reported to the state. maureen naylor explains. >> reporter: here comes a driver who is another small boost for alameda coffers. she's speeding. she's caught and she's about to contribute to the county's bottom line. >> i'm actually late to work. >> reporter: it happens over and over. >> this is a county ordinance. >> reporter: day after day. >> the citation is to be reduced down to $100 and not go on your driving record this time. >> reporter: and brings millions of dollars. the tickets that started last year are issued by local law enforcement and are called administrative citations. they come with significantly less fines and don't affect the driving records. >> people are actually smiles an thanking us. where normally with a ticket they would be frustrated and throwing things down on the seat. >> i would never think i would sound happy to get a ticket.
5:46 pm
i never knew this existed. i'm happy to get it even though -- it's $100 but it's better than having all of these points on your license and your insurance going up. >> reporter: the local law enforcement agency keeps all the of the money from the fines. >> we had money coming in through our own means. >> reporter: it was guaranteed? >> yes. >> reporter: since it started issuing the tickets last fall, the alameda county sheriff's office has written close to 21,000 citations which translates into roughly $2 million in one year. it's big money during tough times for law enforcement budgets. and it's about to go away. >> it could very well be a hit. if we lose close to $2 million that would within significant and would have to come from somewhere. law enforcement in southern california, fairfax, berkeley
5:47 pm
and oakland can continue to write these tickets until july of next year. oakland police issued more than 3900 citations last year. but they couldn't tell us how much revenue they will lose. alameda county maintains it won't issue more local tickets to make up for its looming $2 million shortfall which starts in july. deputies say the county might receive a portion of state ticket revenue but they aren't counting on it. in alameda county, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. two men tried today to beat their own record at climbing yosemite park's favored el capitan. this is video -- oh, my gosh -- look at that. death-defying stunts by dean potter who along with shawn leery set the new records of 2:36:45 earlier this month. the first successful climb up there took 47 days. that was back in 1958. the word from the park is potter and leery made it to the
5:48 pm
top safely today but they missed setting a record by by 20 minutes. those pictures are incredible. coming up next at 6:00, the confrontation over security measures at a california airport, what set off the passenger. coming up at 6:00, dramatic testimony today in the preliminary hearing involving a teenage who was gang-raped in richmond. why an officer said he had to fight back tears when he first saw the victim. ed a more on the -- and more on the crab testing and what those results mean for fishermen and anyone waiting to buy fresh crab. and if you thought going to a warriors' game was too expensive, you might want to hear this story. nasa engineers found a
5:49 pm
fourth crack today. and that needs to be repaired before the "discovery" can fly again. the launch window opens november 30th and lasts for one week. the newest crack was found in the section of the fuel tank that holds equipment. the "discovery" is set to be retired after its next flight. a spectacular day in the bay area. bill, i heard you a moment ago saying there may be rain in the forecast. >> yeah, big changes. this is the time of year that's marked by big changes. record heat today, record heat ted. changes are gonna -- record heat. changes are coming. right now, we have san jose at 76 degrees. it was a warm one out there. 76 in san jose, coming in tighter you will see mountain view out toward redwood city. it's clear outside. let's take a peak. we're in san mateo. mostly sunny tomorrow. not that cold when you wake up. not as cold as last week. it was cold. we had a frost advisory.
5:50 pm
3:00 tomorrow. that's about maximum heating for this time of year, about 72 degrees in san mateo. sunny and warm, it has been and it was today. offshore winds, they are blowing 10, 20 miles an hour. had wind issues in the hills on saturday and sunday. the high pressure is weakening. so as we roll into the weekend, this is that shift i'm talking about. as the high breaks down, low pressure comes in. it just creates a dramatic shift. that's what you are going to see. especially as we get into friday, a much cooler system drops down from the gulf of alaska. temperatures will plummet. by the weekend. we've got cool rain. that means snow in the bay area mountains. we'll be talking about that a lot. the computer model, i mentioned, i was gonna show it to you. here's how it goes. and it startous wednesday. nothing really happens until then. we get into friday afternoon. there's your commute. is that wet? i don't know. i think it may be a little drizzle. it's not a big deal and it's a
5:51 pm
ways out. it's just blue. not a big deal. but this on saturday, that's the big deal. it will rain in northern california. we'll have scattered showers around here. a cool rain and i bet we see a little rain. all of these things are occurring toward the end of the week. 73 in napa. that's tomorrow. santa rosa is down 10 degrees over what they were today. 70 in alameda. that's down a few degrees. a little cooler tomorrow and then more significant cooling. you will see that in the five- day forecast. more significant cooling. it's -- increasing clouds on friday. and then on saturday, the system -- it will drop snow and it will be kind of a wintry thing. not a heavy -- what kind of snow are they looking for? what kind of amounts. >> when we come back at 6:00 i
5:52 pm
will talk about how much snow they should see in the mountains. >> okay. the bay area rescue group is calling a victory. what they have managed to do when it comes to see gulls -- seagulls that have been found with beer cans around their necks.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
i pads are the latest --
5:55 pm
the latest to come from apple this is being done in -- used in hospitals. five devices loaded with a lot of movies and games and capable of hooking up to the internet are being used to help patients pass the time if you will before and after their procedures. nurses say most of the patients used to love being able to use those pads. the bay area rescue group has managed to catch one of those seagulls with a beer wrapped around its neck. the group snipped the can off and it was free. the birds have been spotted in san francisco, stinson beach and half moon bay. >> it was a successful capture today, we're proud to say. ly had a beer can on his neck that somebody purposely put on there. we were able to catch him and cut it off and then it's now in
5:56 pm
the hands of animal -- san francisco animal control and hopefully going to the forensics lab. >> experts say the beer cans could eventually kill the birds because the cans damage their feathers and the birds need the feathers to protect them from the element. and there's much more news ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is up next. >> reporter: a lot of travelers are upset about full-body scanners at airport. they say images like these are an invasion of privacy. find out why the debate is going on in terminals and on the internet. ♪
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good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haner. a richmond police officer took the stand today and was moved to tears during a preliminary hearing involving the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl. the hearing will determine whether the seven suspects will stand trial. rita williams joins us now. she was inside the martinez courtroom with the latest details. >> reporter: julie this, case got a lot of national attention, it


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